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Sherri Linnemeyer - 2-D watercolor

Sherri Linnemeyer was born in the Black Hills of South Dakota on August 16, 1959.  She attended the South Dakota State University on an art scholarship where she studied acrylic painting and print making.  She won several awards.

She moved to Oregon in 1984 and for 12 years sold her work at local galleries, art fairs around the northwest, and the Portland Saturday Market. 

She returned to school and received a degree in Dental Hygiene in 1999.  In the past few years, she has returned to doing artwork and found she loves painting wildlife, birds, and landscapes with watercolors. 

She won the judges choice award at Crossroads Art Center in 2014.

Artist Statement:

I have been making art since I was 2 years old, because I couldn’t help myself.  People buying my work has kept me addicted. 

I love to explore the world around me and take photos.  I started painting the wildlife I photographed, because it gives me a deeper and longer lasting connection with the experience.  I am in awe of mountain goats and buffalo.  Painting birds and wild flowers especially helps me to be able to identify them in the wild.   

I was painting with acrylics for quite a few years, but went back to school for dental hygiene and didn’t have time for art.  The reason I got back to painting is the great art community we have in Baker City.  Everyone is supportive and is willing to share their secrets.   

Now I am mostly focusing on watercolors.  I like how watercolor can be transparent and flowing.  It has a life of its own.  This leads to the “happy accidents” you can claim as your own creative process.  I pre-draw on newsprint to help get the composition right before tracing it to paper.  Now with new methods and technology, I have been mounting the paintings on sign board.  This eliminates the need for glass and framing, although I like the traditional look for some of my paintings still