Crossroads Carnegie Art Center

Crossroads Carnegie
Art Center

SK Cothren - 3-D mosaics

“Life isn’t glossy and perfect, and neither is great art.” -SK Cothren. SK Cothren, through perils, triumphs, and a brush or two with death, has reached the youthful age of 47. In June of 2017, after a vacation to the soul-cleansing Oregon coast, she came to the realization that while she enjoys painting, her true passion is in sculpture and three-dimensional art. Discovering that a creative energy lies inside and has been begging for release, the raw enthusiasm that she creates with is now flowing out into the world. She uses a range of emotions, often through musical inspiration, that are essential to the creative, and the healing, process. Refocusing her natural power to heal, she is now happily forming pieces through shape and color that embody the vibrations of what it means to be alive. She finds true joy in being able to offer them to you. "