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  • Show Sponsors- Each month Crossroads welcomes a show sponsor; a business, individuals or an organization for $500.00.  For that, show sponsors receive their logo (if available,) name or business name on all posters, postcards, and media we produce for your month.  As sponsor we will send a portion of the postcards to your customers, friends or clients to invite them to join you on the First Friday opening.  This sponsorship helps cover the costs of producing the media which highlights the featured artist show and your commitment to the arts.

  • Food Sponsors- Each month Crossroads provide refreshment to our First Friday guests.  We encourage restaurants and catering firms, to sponsor our event and bring a sampling of their food to be enjoyed by attendees of First Friday.  Businesses are encouraged to place business cards or other promotional materials out during First Friday.  Civic groups, clubs or church groups are welcome to provide refreshments to draw attention to their programs.  Food sponsors are listed on the poster, postcard and in all media.  We encourage Food Sponsors to decorate the tables in the spirit of their food experience or program. 
    Crossroads also welcomes local wineries, brewers or “foodies” to set up tasting opportunities at First Friday.   Please contact Crossroads at 541-523-5369 for more information and to schedule your month.

  • Program Sponsors—Crossroads has numerous programs that are the foundation of our success. We always welcome “dedicated sponsorship” funding to help these programs be successful.  Areas where help is needed:
  • -Missoula Children's Theatre- Crossroads welcomes Missoula Children's Theatre to Baker City each summer. This outstanding theatre program, recognized around the world, brings a first-class theatre experience to Baker City youth. For as little as $483.00 you can sponsor one day of Missoula Children's Theatre here in Baker City.
  • Make It and Take It- Our yearly kids craft day is a long standing Crossroads tradition at the holidays. Children of all ages are invited to come and make ornaments and decorations for their home at the holidays. Our dedicated groups of volunteers work for hours helping children make beautiful projects. We charge each child $5.00 per person to make up to 5-6 projects. With a financial contribution of $500.00 we could make the program free to all. Supplies are always cheerfully accepted!
  • ArtSpeak- Our long standing after school program offers free kids art classes to at risk children has been part of Crossroads for over 25 years. We operate this program on about $4000.00 a year! South Baker Intermediate School students come to Crossroads and take their classes here and we provide them with snacks. During the school year we are always in need of kid friendly snacks.
  • -Downtown Art Banners- a dream of ours is to have special arts and culture banners that can be checked out to local businesses to have out during arts and cultural events. We have a small pool of funding but are in need of an additional $3000-$3500 to make this happen.
  • -Specified Programs—if you would like to donate funding to Crossroads in memory or in honor of someone please contact us. If you read about a program or event and would like to contribute to a specific part of the projects we can make that happen. Our goal is that you know that we have honored your donation to dedicate it to the purpose you request.
  • -Tiles- The fused glass donor tile wall is a show piece of color and light that welcome all to the Main Gallery at Crossroads. These tiles made by local artist E'Jay Weber, can be purchased for $500.00 each. They can celebrate your family past or present, a message to the future, celebrating your favorite club or group. Business and memorial tiles are also an option. This permanent fixture of Crossroads will celebrate your commitment to the arts for decades. With only 19 tiles remaining we would love to sell them all before the Persistence in Clay show in the summer of 2012. Contact Crossroads for more information.
  • -Supplies- Spring Cleaning? Downsizing? Family member passed away? Please think of Crossroads! Examples of wonderful donations in the past: we received all of the craft paint and brushes from a family when their beloved mother was moved into the nursing home. We received a box of leftover office supplies when a large business closed. We received a box of cleaning supplies when someone lost their parent and cleaned out the house. We have received boxes of craft supplies when a friend just cleaned out her closets. We received rolls of paper from a mapping machine that was no longer being used and the paper was just fine for our kid's classes. Call and we will let you know if your donation can help Crossroads.

The Physical Plant At Crossroads Carnegie Art Center is housed in the 1909 Carnegie Library.  This building is an architectural wonder and the care and upkeep can be expensive.  Ways you can help…

yearly we need heat resistant bedding plants for our flower boxes and bark dust.
-Funding for equipment replacement for major items such as copy machines, chairs or tables.
A prison crew costs Crossroads $250 to do the cleaning of the building.  Currently Crossroads pays for quarterly cleaning but could use crews once a month.
Specified donations- Please contact Crossroads if your family would like to make a memorial gift to Crossroads and the physical plant of the building.

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If you would like to learn more about us and the programs we offer please contact us

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If you wish to donate art books to Crossroads for the lending library or other items or supplies please contact the Executive Director at 541-523-5369.


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Our mission is to create opportunities for the entire community to be engaged, inspired, and transformed by the arts through participation in classes, workshops, exhibits, mentorships, and partnerships.

A welcoming place where people meet and the arts speak.

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