Crossroads Carnegie Art Center

Crossroads Carnegie
Art Center

We welcome art students from around the county to our Annual Student Art Show. This year we will be featuring the artwork of Baker High School, Burnt River and students of Crossroads art classes. Baker High students will be displaying a diverse array of work, including Micrography portraits. Micrography is the art or technique of writing with extremely small characters to create a picture. In this instance the students have used small words and characters to draw self portraits. BHS students will also be exhibiting projects in clay, fused glass, and some intriguing agamograph drawings. On display by the students from Burnt River will be pencil drawings and small scale acrylic paintings. We are excited to have the Burnt River students participating again after a short break from the annual show. Crossroads students may be exhibiting work created in one or more classes or workshops offered at Crossroads. Students have had opportunities to create artwork in acrylic, watercolor, pastel and oil painting classes, taught by Becky Litke, Paul Hoelscher, Amy VanGaasbeck, Antonia Carriere and Sam Collett, as well as ceramic classes taught by Mo Quinn, Shannon Gray and Aaron Frohnmayer. Jenna Lechner, artist and instructor from Portland taught classes in paper quilling, pet portraiture and botanical illustration. Students also learned how to use polymer clay like Fimo or Sculpey to create Fairies and other woodland creatures by local artist Dawn-Marie deLara. Terri Axness held her annual raku workshop at the Muddy Creek Studio in Haines, where students were taught five different raku techniques. We hope to see student work from many of these classes and to inspire new students to take a step and take a class!