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Burn Scar

Burn Scar

In February, we welcome Baker City artist Hillery Lay with her newest body of work titled, "Burn Scar."  Hillery enjoys painting images from contemporary rural life, and her current work focuses on natural disasters, particularly the damage caused by the Cornet/Windy Ridge Fire in 2015.

Hillery states, "People within the ladscape, taken of context, are themes of my painting practice. I have been refining my personal artistic vocabulary of marks, shapes, and colors.  I try to find depth in every layer of a painting through these personal techniques.  Over the course of a series of work,  I make a history from my own developing visual signs.

New and important characteristics of my vocabulary sometimes occur very abruptly.  Natural diasters like the lightening caused Cornet/Windy Ridge Fire in 2015 change a landscape forever.  That fire is particularly symbolic for me.  It wraps up a lot of painful events in my life into one backened package.

A burn scar left by a wildfire can shape a forest and a person for a long time."

Opening reception - Friday,Februry 3, 2017 fro 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Informal artist talk -Hillery's talk begins at 5:30 pm

In the Student Gallery - See the artwork of Baker County Head Start Students

Live music by Larry Lambeth on piano

Light refreshments by Head Start Staff and Friends of Head Start

This exibition is on diplay through Saturday, February 25th

Exhibition made possible through the generous support of Garchr & Colton CPA's