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Sand Mandala Coming to Baker City

Mandala: World In Harmony
Crossroads Carnegie Art Center Welcomes
Venerable Karma Namgyel Rinpoche
Chenrezig Buddha of Compassion Sand Mandala
Friday, July 17 through Sunday, July 26, 2015
The Sand Mandala is one of the oldest sacred art traditions of the Tibetan Buddhism. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning World in Harmony. This Bhutanese Sand Mandala will be created by hand over about a week.
Crossroads Carnegie Art Center invites you to experience the ceremony and cultural traditions of Tibetan Buddhism through the construction and dismantling of a Sand Mandala, the form of this Sand Mandala the Chenrezig Buddha of Compassion.
As soon as the Mandala is completed a deconstruction ceremony takes place and the Mandala is dismantled.
This dismantling demonstrates the principle of the impermanence of things.
We hope everyone will find time to view and share in this unique opportunity of experiencing the century’s old Tibetan art forms and traditions.
You will have a wonderful chance to view and purchase high quality arts and crafts handpicked in Nepal, India and Bhutan.
Friday, July 17th Opening Tea Ceremony
Saturday, July 18th Children’s Story Time and
Mandala Art for People of All Ages
Introduction to the Sand Mandala
Monday, July 20th Day 1: Sand Mandala Construction
Tuesday, July 21st Day 2: Sand Mandala Construction
Wednesday, July 22nd Day 3: Sand Mandala Construction
Thursday, July 23rd Day 4: Bhutanese People’s Art
Friday, July 24th Day 5: Sand Mandala Construction – Sutra Ceremony
10am to 5pm - You are welcome to view the Mandala
7pm to 9pm - Sutra Ceremony with Karma Rinpoche
Saturday, July 25th Day 6: Sand Mandala and Chenrezig Fire Ceremony
10am to 2pm - Chenrezig Fire Ceremony
The inspiration for this Fire Ceremony is dedicated to world peace and the spiritual benefit of all beings. If you have lost a loved one, please writ their name  on a piece of paper and bring it with you. Any difficulties you are experiencing can be written on paper as well. These will be offered to the fire.
Suggested donation: $20
Sunday, July 26th Day 7: Invitation to Guru Rinpoche’s Dance and Sand
Mandala Dismantle Ceremony and Sand Mandala Dispersing Ceremony
2pm to 3pm - Invitation to Guru rRinpoche's Dance
We invite you to come share in the experience of Bhutan's rich cultural dance and music traditions.
3pm to 4pm - Sand Mandala Dismantle Ceremony
4pm to 5pm - Sand Mandala Dispersing Ceremony
One half of the sand will be placed in small packets to be given to those in attendance as blessings for their personal health and healing. The lama will pour the remaining sand into a specially prepared vessel. The lama and Rimpoche, accompanied by guests will then take the sand to be offered to a flowing body of water (Powder River) where it will be offered as a blessing.
A complete list of events with times and descriptions of each event is available
at Crosssroads Carnegie Art Center and online at in the forms library, for a full list of the weeklong events and times please visit our website blog or view under special events.