Crossroads Carnegie Art Center

Crossroads Carnegie
Art Center

What's new at the art center?

Where's the monthly class schedule?!

Friends-- We get that question all the time. 

First, our members who provide the day-to-day operational support to Crosroads get the newsletter and class schedule mailed to them and/or emailed to them.  If you want the convenience of just checking your email box...join today from the website.  Our family membership is $50 A YEAR!

Second, we place the newsletter and class schedule on the website and have links to them from our Facebook page.  We have an error in our webpage and we cannot post each class individually.  We do post the .pdf verision of the class schedule.  But when our website was built to place the class schedule on the website requires technological skills beyond me.  I am so grateful to have a former BHS Grad and OSU computer science student who puts the class schedule in the correct link.  That is of course, done around his busy school schedule.  

When the new class schedule is done I have the ability to post it to the forms library.  So currently you can find the February Class Schedule there...until our tech wiz kid gets to the website.

We appreciate your patience and understanding that the class schedule is always on the website one way another.   

Next goal:  get the website rebuilt!