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Crossroads Carnegie
Art Center

Duality: An Immigrant Experiece

Date: 2018-04-07

Crossroads Carnegie Art Center is thrilled to welcome the Jayanthi Raman Dance Company presenting DUALITY: An Immigrant Experience Classical Dance of India production Saturday April 7th at 6:30 PM at the Baker High School Auditorium Tickets at the Door: (Doors Open at 6:00pm) $3.00 for Crossroads members/$5.00 for non-members $8.00 for a Family Crossroads members/$10.00 for a Family Non-Members DUALITY: Follow the story of a woman who moves from her hometown in India to Portland, OR and the hardships, challenges she faces in her life and how she overcomes them with support of her friends in her new hometown and finds success and happiness. Story of hope and celebration of immigrant life in US. The classical dance Bharatha Natyam originates from 2nd century in India and has been handed down through generations of practitioners and teachers as an oral tradition, although there are books on the dance codifying the grammar and technique saved from ancient palm leaf manuscripts. This hour length performance presented by the company dancers, many of whom are immigrants who have moved from India to make Portland their home and some who are second generation dancers who continue the tradition of dancing, supported by their families to preserve and propagate their heritage and cultural roots. Choreographer, danseuse Jayanthi Raman provides narration in English so audience can follow the story. Supported in part by a grant from Oregon Community Foundation Tour presented by RASIKA Crossroads portion sponsored by the StarSeed Foundation


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