Hand to Heart Scholarship Fund

Hand to Heart Scholarship Fund was created to help students of all ages to be able to access classes at Crossroads if they cannot afford to do so.  Scholarships are available by filling out the Hand to Heart Scholarship Form.  We ask that every recipient give back to Crossroads in some way.


  • Can you pay half or a quarter of your class fees?
  • Can you be a regular volunteer for Crossroads helping us for your scholarship?
  • Can you do janitorial work for us while your student is in class?
  • Can you bake, stuff envelopes, basic office tasks to help Crossroads?

Contact the Executive Director or your class teacher for more details. 
Please note that all scholarship forms for minor children the Executive Director does need to speak with the parents or guardians in person.

Hutchinson Lending Library the Estate of the Late Clara Hall Hutchinson left to Crossroads her extensive collection of art books.  These books are a fabulous learning tool for artists with books that teach how to paint portraits, birds or animals.  Numerous other friends have donated books on theatre and other types of art related subjects.  These books can be checked out by Crossroads members only.  Please “check out” this amazing resource to our community and artists. 


If you would like to contribute to Crossroads and the Hand to Heart Scholarship Fund please send your checks to Crossroads Re: Hand to Heart Fund.

Like to help

If you wish to donate art books to Crossroads for the lending libraryor other items,please contact the Executive Director at 541-523-5369.

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Our mission is to create opportunities for the entire community to be engaged, inspired, and transformed by the arts through participation in classes, workshops, exhibits, mentorships, and partnerships.

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