Great Salt Lick

The Great Salt Lick Art Auction is now an annual event to benefit Parkinson's research. It was featured on a recent broadcast of OPB's Oregon Art Beat television show. Simultaneously, the program's premier showing was held at the Thursday Art Night Movie at the Eltrym Theater, sponsored by Baker Art Guild. Here is a link to the OPB program, featuring Whit Deschner and the whole community, from ranchers, to art lovers, to the bovine artists themselves.

Here is a humorous promotional video featuring a number of his supporters in Baker County, both human and four hoofed.

September marks the month for the annual “Salt Lick” Auction.  Local ranchers scour their fields (sometimes other community members scour the rancher’s fields), looking for the most creatively licked salt blocks.  It doesn’t matter who licked the salt block (elk, deer, cows, horses, etc……).  The blocks are then named, have poems written about them and are displayed for the auction.  Whit Deschner is the brain child of this unique auction that benefits Parkinson’s disease research.  For more information about the Salt Lick Auction visit


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