Aug 17, 2022

Crossroads Day of the Dance-September 17th

Baker County

Day of the Dance

Sponsored by Crossroads Carnegie Art Center

Schedule of Events (Subject to Change)

9:45 am- Opening Remarks- Kathy Sanchez, Co-Chair

10:00 am- Waltz by Lisa Jo Frech, Baker City

10:30 am- Traditional Mexican Skirt Dancing lead by Conchita Arceo, Baker City

10:45 am- Clogging by Lisa Jo Frech, Baker City

11:00 am – Zumba by Renee Mercer and Friends, Baker City

11:15 am- Ballet by Debbie Friedman and Students, Baker City

Short Break

11:45 am- Irish Dance Idaho from Boise Idaho

12:15 pm- Afro Beat by Renee & Aytoia Mercer, Baker City

Short Break

12:45 pm- Next Level Dance lead by Millicent Simpson, Halfway, Oregon

1:00 pm- Belly Dancing- Kathy Sanchez, Renee Mercer and Shelly Gray, Baker City

Short Break

1:30 pm- Indonesian Cultural Dance by Indo Idaho from Boise Idaho

2:00 pm- Boise Chinese Traditional Dance Group from Boise Idaho

2:30 pm- Laos Cultural Dance from Boise Idaho

3:00 pm- Nez Perce Traditional Dance from Lapwei Idaho

3:30 pm- Groovin’ Grannies from Baker City

3:45 pm- Flow Arts- Fire Dance from Boise Idaho