Aug 16, 2022

Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom Class

Threadbenders Weavers Guild Class,  Please register with Threadbenders as outlined in the description.
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Weaving on a Ridge Heddle Loom 

Taught By:  Patty Huffer

The rigid heddle loom can be an inventive and inspirational loom to weave on.  Learn the basics, you can start to see the versatility of this little workhorse.

In this class, you learn the basics of weaving on a Ridge Heddle Loom.  From how to warp it, with help from a warping board so you can accomplish the process in a small space, getting the warps on to the loom with even tenison, to techniques for getting good selvedges.  These techniques will help make your weaving enjoyable.  In this two day class you will warp the loom twice, this will reinfore the warping process. The first day we will weave a scarf, discussing various yarns that can be used and finger manipulation of the warp and weft threads.  The second day we will once again warp the loom and get another project on it that you will finish at home.  

My goal for the class is for you to see the many possibilities the Rigid Heddle Loom has for creating many kinds of finished pieces. Weaving is full of surprises, from the way fiber can affect the woven cloth, to color intersection, and the finishing techniques used.  

Dates and Times: Saturday and Sunday October 1st and 2nd 2022  9am to 4 pm.

Cook Memorial Library Conferenence Room, LaGrande, OR

Costs  $85 includes material fee of $15 and $20 TB Guild Membership

Contact Lisa Bushman at 541-920-4109