Glass Etching

Thanks to a grant from the Oregon Community Foundation, all supply fees have been waived for the summer!

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Instructor: Ginger Rembold

Date: August 19 
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Ages: 12+ 

Course Description: Learn to cut stencils and create individualized glassware using etching cream techniques: A fun way to make personalized gifts.

Supplies to Bring: 3-4 pieces of glassware (think Dollar Tree but be aware that sharply curved surfaces are more difficult), stencil ideas (Google a favorite subject and stencil for patterns.) Bring hardcopies sized appropriately to the glassware you are bringing. Other materials: An Exacto knife (I have a few to loan out) and an old towel to cushion your work surface. Some precut etching stencils are also available.

Course Cost: $16 per member/ $24 per non-member

Supply Fee: $5 per person in addition to course cost

We appreciate you pre-registering!


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