Glass Etching

Price Includes Class and Supply fee (see details below)

Glass Etching

Instructor: Ginger Rembold

Date: March 25th (6:00 pm – 8:00 pm)

Age Requirements:  Age 12 and up (8-12 with a paid adult)

Minimum # of Students – 3    Maximum # of Students: 8

Course Cost: $16 members/ $24 non-members

Supply fee: $5

Supplies:  Participants should bring 3-4 glass items to etch (Dollar Tree is a great source but be aware sharply curved surfaces are more difficult!)  plus simple pattern ideas (stencil patterns from Google images is a popular source!)  Bring a hard copies sized approriately to the glass ware you are bringing.  Bring an exacto knife if possible, Ginger has a few to loan out.  and an old towel to cushion your work surface.


Course Description: This is a simple chemical technique to lightly etch glass.  Students will cut their own stencil, apply the etching cream, and in 10 minutes see their results!  Participants will etch the items they bring to class using this technique.  Instructor will provide stencil materials and etching cream, and a limited number of exacto knives.