Improved Freedom of Movement - Beg/Int Adult Ballet

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Scholarships are available to support course cost.  

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Crossroads Carnegie Art Center

2020 Auburn Avenue

Baker City, OR 97814



Instructor: Dianne Guzzle (Boise, ID)

Dates: July 17 and 24 
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Ages: 16+
Some ballet experience recommended but not required

Course Description: Becoming familiar with how our bodies move and understanding individual restrictions can help us to find the mobility and stability to move in the ways that we want! In this 2 class workshop, dancers will learn various joint mobility and pelvic stability exercises and see how their application in traditional ballet exercises allows them more freedom of movement. Each day of the workshop will include a warm up with mobility/stability exercises and a full ballet class with additional mobility/stability exercises mixed in.

Course Cost (2 days): $32 members/ $48 non-members

Supplies: Each dancer should bring a yoga mat, hand towel, and ballet slippers or socks