Ballet Week for ages 9-11

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Come learn the elements, technique, and terminology of ballet! Benefits of taking ballet include learning self-discipline, balance, musicality, and poise. Classes will include a warm-up, basic barre exercises, center floor exercises, traveling combinations, safe stretches, and choreography in a fun, uplifting atmosphere. Dancers will explore creating their own dances as well as learn simplified variations from famous ballets. These will be shared with parents and friends during the end of our final class on Friday.

Instructor: Dianne Guzzle

Dates: July 26th – July 29th

Time: 2:15pm – 3:30pm

Ages: 9-12yrs

Supplies: ballet shoes

Location: Upstairs Studio

Class Size: Min. 5, Max. 12

Course Cost: $62 members, $93 nonmembers

Visiting instructor from Treasure Valley Ballet Academy