Youth Intro to Guitar

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This guitar workshop is designed for students ten and older with a desire to learn guitar! Lonnie Shurtleff brings more than fifty years of expertise to this craft. This workshop is designed to develop basic ability, and to provide students with a larger vision of what can be done with guitar. Further individual instruction may be available – contact Crossroads or Instructor.

Week 1.    Introduce the guitar and the mechanics of playing to include quality tone production, correct technique, and methodology of performance.

Week 2.    Notes on all strings in the first position and overview of the geography of the entire guitar neck.  Chromatic and Diatonic scales. 

Week 3.    The five basic chord/scale shapes in the open position and looking forward to their application in the higher positions.  Building chords and using keyboard terminology.

Week 4.    Music notation and sight reading in the treble clef for guitar.  Also, an introduction to tablature.

Week 5.    Effective and efficient practice formats.   How to get the most out of your lessons.  Training the mind and the muscles.

Week 6.    Playing in a group, listening to others, timing, tempo, dynamics.  In other words, actually making music together.

Parents/Guardians are also welcome and encouraged to attend to support their student!

Instructor: Lonnie Shurtleff

Dates: Fridays, April 5th - May 10th

Times: 11am - 12pm

Age: 10+

Skill Level: All skill levels welcome.

Class Size: 3 min. / 6 max.

Cost: $48 member/$72 nonmember

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