Learn to Love Watercolor and Pastels

Supply List at Crossroads

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Learn to Love Watercolor & Pastels

Instructor: Rebecca “Becky” Mancino Litke,

Wednesday evenings 

Time: 2 Sessions available 3:00 – 5:00 pm and 5:00- 7:00 pm

Come to one or join both. Each session is considered a separate class.

 Costs: $16 per session – Members, $24 Non-members

Ages -Teens and Adults

Supply List: At Crossroads

Class Description: I will discuss elements to include in a painting, which to leave out, how to use photos as reference, positioning subject on paper for visual impact, and proper size paper for subject matter depicted. I will discuss outlets to sell art, including local businesses, outdoor

venues, internet sales and local galleries. Will also discuss which pieces of art will have appeal to the largest audience, thus worth investing in reproducing on note cards and prints.

               Becky studied under several international artists and is an active fine

artist herself. She has been an instructor for Crossroads for almost 20