Exploring With Paint And Canvas

Free High School ArtSpeak Class

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Instructor: Andrew Gettle

Dates: Fridays January 14th – February 11th  (Jan. 14, 21, 28 / Feb. 4, 11)

Time: Fridays 10am - noon

Ages: High School

Course Description: This course will be an exploration of possibilities for creators beginning and adding to your toolbox! With a combination of mix media canvases and tools the course description has not been fully mapped out, because you haven't created it yet! As a young Oregonian it can be difficult or awkward finding what resonates within you. To make a majestic duck or an elegant beaver, sometimes one must first create an awkward platypus. We celebrate the awkward & different! Channeling your expression is our goal! Maybe you walk away with one masterpiece, maybe you walk out with one everyday. EVERYONE will walk out of this class with more tools and new perspectives on how to create art that is an expression of yourself. “Happy accidents” happen all the time through life. You will be taught how to handle the not so happy ones and find ways to trust yourself with irreversible decisions. Art - like life, is about the journey and we are going to have fun.

Cost: Free – Youth ArtSpeak Class (Enrollment is Limited - Must Pre-Register!)

Class minimum: 4

Class maximum: 10