Yin Yoga - Summer 2023

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                                                        Yin Yoga

The word youg translates as "yoke or unites" in Sanskrit, a language often used for the names of postures and other relative words or statements. Yin simply translates as feminine, negative or dark. Yin is the opposite of Yang; positive and light."

Yin yoga consists of 8-10 gentle poses that assist with deep stretching and release of fascia which helps relieve joint pain. When yoga postures of the asanas are held from 5 to 7 minutes it promotes healing within the body. Yin yoga provides a fully relaxing exerience that "everybody' can benefit from. Most of the postures are performed while seated or laying down on a yoga mat. The class will be set to soft relaxing music in the background. Heartfelt messages may be offered during the class. Classes will be focused on self-love and healing. Students will leave this class relaxed and curious about what they feel within their own bodies.

Please bring a mat and bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing so that you can move freely.

Instructor: Tracy Cook

Dates: Tuesdays - Weekly

Times: 5:45 - 6:45pm

Location: Upstairs dance studio

Cost per session: $8.00 members, $12.00 nonmembers  (4-session punch cards available upon request.)

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