Feb 19, 2020

Amy Martin Friedman - 2-D photography

Amy Martin-Friedman is a San Francisco-based photographer who created the A Day In My Shoes project in 2009 to benefit the Asian Womens’ Shelter of San Francisco. Amy continued her work with other organizations helping victims of domestic violence, breast cancer survivors, at-risk girls, and has even supported an animal rescue in Los Angeles. Through perseverance, Shoes has become an International project, moving from city to city helping crisis centers and women through a very powerful medium. Amy has raised thousands of dollars for her charities and continues her work on the east coast this fall. Additionally, Shoes will debut at the National Gallery of Grand Cayman this October. Amy Martin-Friedman spends her summers in Baker City, where she supports Crossroads Carnegie Art Center’s mission to bring culture and art to all by teaching dance. Amy is a Latin, modern jazz, contemporary dance and ZUMBA Fitness® certified teacher. Martin-Friedman spent her adult years in Chicago and NYC where she was in retail management. Her love of Architecture grew as she would walk around the city and she has a portfolio of her lifes passion. Amy Martin-Friedman resides in California with her husband and two children. www.martinfriedmanphotography.com amy@martinfriedmanphotography.com fb. A Day In My Shoes Photography Project fb. Martin-Friedman Photography