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About our Gallery Space

The exhibition gallery space is upstairs in a fully restored 1909 Carnegie Library. The 440 square foot gallery has 96 feet of movable wall space, flexible track lighting and a large selection of pedestals.

Featured Artist Exhibitions

The Featured Artist exhibitions represent the highest quality art by emerging, mid-career, and established artists from the local, Eastern Oregon region and larger Pacific Northwest region. We strive to show a broad and diverse range of visual art styles.

Solo exhibition proposals and group proposals are considered.

The selection process takes place once a year. Submission guidelines will be posted here in our forms library.

Submission Guidelines posted: August 1st

Proposal deadline:   November 4th, 2023

Artists notified: Late January or Early February

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Past Exhibits

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Open Shows

Each year Crossroads hosts three open shows to welcome new and established artists.  Each show provides artist a new creative opportunity. 

April Theme Show- Each year the Gallery Committee of Crossroads selects a unique theme to challenge artists to work outside their comfort zone.  A People's Choice Award is given. 

Septemeber Open Regional "Art at the Crossroads"-a judged show with awards and cash prizes to artists.  Crossroads largest and most beloved show.

Decemeber Open Show- The  Gift of Art and Ornament Expo provide artisans and makers a wonderfully festive opportunity to have items for sale for holiday gifts.  

Call to artists for these shows will be in the Forms Library on the Website.  

Image: 2011 September Open Regional Best of Show Robert Anders with Ash Grove Cement Plant Manager Terry Kirby, Crossroads President Ann Mehaffy and Judge Shannon Fausey, Boise, Idaho



Barbara Wilbur Family Fund Award

Will honor outstanding efforts from area artists. Each year, an artist will be selected from the September Open Regional Show “Art at the Crossroads” to receive the award. We hope the award will celebrate and advance the arts at Crossroads, enhancing excitement and enthusiasm for their exhibits.  

Each year the show judge will award a $1000 award to an artist in a category selected by the family honoring Barbara's Artistic legacy. 

 In 2023 the award category is: “A Unique Lens”

The award will recognize a fresh and novel approach to the work’s subject, design or other elements of the composition.  For example: a bird in flight caught from an unusual viewpoint; an abstract pattern of colors creating a perplexing presentation of space.

"Crossroads provided a wonderful community and artistic resource for a significant part of my life, especially in later years. During the nineteen-sixties, I was able to pursue my art after work with a group in town that preceded Crossroads. Returning to Baker City after living in Portland, Crossroads on Main Street became my second home. Then Crossroads moved into its current location at the Crossroads Carnegie Arts Center, becoming the crowning glory for the celebration of art in Baker City.”  Barbara Wilbur

Annually Crossroads will announce the new category for the award.  

Barbara Wilbur

Barbara Lee Wilbur died on August 23, 2022.   She will be sorely missed by family and friends.  Here she is, in her own words:

My great-great-grandfather was one of the first settlers in Eagle Valley. My grandfather, Fred Simonis, raised sheep in the valley. My mother, Ruth Simonis (nèe McDowell), was my earliest artistic inspiration. My high school art teacher in Bend, Or., Mr. Burlingame, encouraged us to create our artistic monogram (even in high school!) and keep it for the rest of our lives. To this day, I still use my “SI” monogram. 

I graduated from Eagle Valley high school in 1944 and married soon after. I raised four children: Tamara Lee Henden (former administrator for the Consul General of Japan in Portland); Neil John Wilbur (deceased); Daniel Scott Wilbur, Ph.D.,  (cancer research scientist and Medical School professor emeritus at the University of Washington); and Obie Brian Simonis, (international Boston-based sculptor).  I also have five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren!

Four kids moved my art to the sidelines for a lot of years. I needed a change, so in 1972 I attended Portland Community College and took two years of commercial art.  I then transferred to Portland State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Art.  All the while, I worked part-time for Safeway, also keeping track of three college-aged kids. It was interesting attending college with your kids!

I retired from Safeway after 30 years, having returned home to Baker City. Now that I am retired, I spend most days working in my garden, doing art and playing pinochle.

Image:  Ethnographic Women #1 Ceramic Sculpture by Barbara Wilbur.   


My art…In college I found that I enjoyed working in ceramics.  Since I was physically unable to do wheel work, I learned to hand-build.  I have long admired the work of primitive-style potters.  I love and enjoy the black pottery of Mexico that I have seen in my travels.  Over the years, I find myself appreciating pottery from all origins in its most basic and primitive form.  Working and exhibiting at Crossroads Art Center, I love to burnish pots using a polished agate in the native style.  I developed my own unique style, and enjoy working with my hands.

Image:  Ethnographic Women #2 Ceramic Sculpture by Barbara Wilbur