Feb 19, 2020

Corrine Vegter - 3-D pottery

Corrine Vegter made a name for herself in the pages of fashion magazine and catalogs in the first part of her creative life. Now instead she’s turned in her hair dryer and make-up brushes for an apron covered in clay, a potter’s wheel and a slab roller. In 2006 Vegter decided to walk away from the fashion industry to try a new creative outlet. Ceramics. She, her husband, and their two dogs left New York city, for the state of Oregon. Studying under Steve Provence, John Kinder, and Josh DeWeese it wasn’t long before she was creating work as if she had been at it forever. She even had an instructor joke he’d like to break her fingers because things came so naturally to her. One of the creations Vegter is know for are her ceramic travel trailer lanterns. The inspiration came from her travels with husband, Brian, in their ‘85 VW camper van. Spending time at campgrounds around the country looking at old tin can trailers sparked her creativity. “Seeing the lights on in those old campers at night made me curious as to what’s going on inside them.” she says. “I thought, why not create that same thing in clay?” Vegter currently is doing mostly sculptural work, but does beautiful wheel thrown pieces as well. Like fashion ceramics, allows for experimentation. Her functional art is bold, and delicate at the same time. Be it a oil can, platter or vessels, she is creating work that is truly her own. “I chose clay because I was used to working with shape and balance from my years doing hair.” Maybe that’s why ceramics came so easy to her. “I also love playing with color and texture, and that’s another reason I find this medium so appealing.” Vegter is currently represented at Crossroads Art Center, Petersons Gallery and The Short Term Gallery in Baker City, OR. also Cowgirl Cash in Bend, OR.