Feb 19, 2020

Denise Elizabeth Stone - 2-D Batik watercolor

Artist Statement: As a former psychotherapist, I have an abiding interest in the psychological nature of transformation, archetype, and the Divine Feminine. The textural and multilayered characteristics of batik watercolor make it an excellent vehicle for painting my inner landscape. Each of my paintings tells a story; perhaps my story or yours, or maybe a story of human experience. Sometimes I begin with the story, but more often it emerges as part of the creation process. I seek to convey a feeling of sacredness and connectedness through my art, and to begin a conversation with the viewer about the nature of meaning-making. Bio: Denise Elizabeth Stone came to art following careers in teaching and psychotherapy. She has a bachelor of science in education and a master of arts in counseling psychology, and currently maintains licensure in Oregon as a Licensed Professional Counselor. While living in New Mexico and still working as a psychotherapist, Denise began working with an artist mentor who set her on a path of artistic discovery and expression. Working in pastels and colored pencil, she participated in an artists studio tour, and exhibited at the local art center. Upon moving to Oregon, she became immersed full-time in the study and practice of art. She studied with watercolor artist Jan Clark before training in batik watercolor, which is now her signature medium. A major influence in Denise's work comes from the Batik Convergence, a collaboration of four full time artists who develop, create, and show batik watercolor fine art." I have been inspired beyond measure by the artists of Batik Convergence: Sue Orlaske, Linda Peterson, and Jan Clark. The BatCons provide constructive critiques, invaluable support, and wild and wacky ideas! They give me that extra little push to create, to try something new, to stretch in new directions," she explains. Recognition for Denise's work has come from her participation in juried and open art shows. These have included a Judges Choice award, two Peoples Choice awards, and honorable mention awards at Crossroads Art Center shows, as well as an honorable mention award at the Wallowa Arts Festival. She was honored with a solo show at Crossroads Art Center in 2010.