Feb 19, 2020

Diana Dominguez - 2-D oils

Statement: Diana Dominguez While painting, the artist uses all the senses. The eyes take in the colors, the nose detects the aroma of the mixture of turpentine and paint, and the ears become aware of the sound the canvas makes when paint is applied. There is nothing better than the sensation one feels when the brush moves the paint on the canvas, and yes, sometimes paint inadvertently ends up on the lips. The energy the artist has assembled and created on the canvas is in turn projected to the viewer of the work. It is at that precise place and time artist and viewer connect. Being shaped by our environment, I'm continuously aware while I paint that the colors flowing from my soul onto the canvas are the natural occurrence of the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells I remember of the enchanted island of my birth, La Isla de Encanto, Puerto Rico.