Feb 19, 2020

Kathy Pennington - 3-D mosaics

I discovered mosaic art in a gallery in Nehalem, Oregon 12 years ago, it was love at first sight! The vividness and various elements of light, in every unique piece of glass, are truly inspiring to my artistic eye. Most pieces evolve as they are created, as this medium lends itself to abstract and improvisational design. It is important to me to use reclaimed materials whenever possible. I use different textures of glass which I find in bottles, plates, glass baubles and scraps of glass. I have literally rescued discarded windows from dumpsters, curbside, and the remnants of demolished buildings. Some old doors and windows are salvaged to build custom frames of all sizes. It appeals to me as as artist to give all these unique, overlooked treasures another life. I use many substrates including, hubcaps, mannequins, figurines, bowling balls, wedi board, concrete board, window sills, table tops and many more. Every piece is original and inspired by my environment and experiences. Enjoy! """""