Jul 24, 2020

Pam Demo

I steal color and shapes from Nature:  buff and rust sandstone; dark and orderly columnar basalt; rhythmic faulting of Idaho’s Basin and Range; the frozen flow of flood basalt, stacked gneiss; translucent agate and chalcedony; faulting; fracturing; compaction; up-thrust; over-thrust; outcrop; scarp; and the spread of till and sediment across the landscape -- my work is stolen from Nature.

Life details of other cultures, past and present, are intriguing:  clothing; jewelry; religion; graven images.  I steal others’ cultural details and tweak them to meet my own ends.   

The work makes itself:  I have little to do with control of it.  Results are best when it takes its own shape.

Ink-dyed paper, oil, acrylics, construction products, and found objects are my media--there is nothing that is not a consideration for use.  The work is fun from start to finish when control and chance determine the outcome--one never really knows the result except that there will be one.

My work is not profound:  I have no political agenda and make no social or moral statements.  I make art for the fun, color and construction of it -- each work is a puzzle to be solved by balancing texture, shape and color.  Geology, topography, and the Idaho landscape provide the solutions.

I steal art-forms from Nature and other cultures then tweak them into art.  I am a thief.