Jul 23, 2020

Staci Golar

"I love and find ideas in simple things: the smell of the desert after rain, the way a single stem of grass looks blowing in the wind, the iridescent quality of a dragonfly wing. Beauty is everywhere."

Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted from precious metal clay, a magic material (made from silver that has been recycled from industrial processes) that has clay-like properties but then fires to fine .999 silver. Sterling silver findings, earthly patinas and often, gemstones, are added as finishing touches. Because of the nature of the material, no two pieces are ever exactly alike! Many have hand drawn details, and all are hand cut, shaped, embellished, sanded and finished.

Staci was born and raised in Eastern Oregon, but currently makes Idaho her home (after spending two decades in New Mexico). She received a Bachelor's Degree in Art from Eastern Oregon University and a Master's Degree in Arts Administration from the University of Oregon. Her jewelry can be found online at stillplacedesigns.etsy.com