Feb 19, 2020

Terri Axness - 2-D Acrylic

Artist Statement: I enjoy working with a variety of media and subjects, thus my work tends to include everything from livestock, wildlife, landscapes, portraits, flowers, fruit, etc. I paint on canvas, wood, paper, and clay. I love the options each surface provides and am constantly exploring different ways to express the unique qualities of where we live in different mediums. Currently I am playing with texture paste under oil to create three dimensional paintings of livestock. I am also working on a large commissioned oil of a local ranch, and experimenting with pen, ink and watercolor to capture local architecture. While waiting for paint to dry...clay provides me with the opportunity to create both functional and sculptural pieces. I enjoy building large farm animals as well as figures in clay. A totem of farm animals, a pair of cowpokes, large mojo masks, and giant robust roosters are a few of my current projects in clay. I intend my work to provide a connection to who we are and how we live. What could possibly be better than to celebrate this place and life. Bio: Terri was born in Baker City and Eastern Oregon provides the inspiration for her work. She works in a variety of mediums including pencil, oil, acrylic, watercolor, and clay. Known primarily for her landscapes, she also paints still lifes, portraits, and decoys. Her ceramic pieces and sculpture vary from the humorous to functional. Terri completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Oregon and her Masters in Education at Eastern Oregon University. She has taught art at all grade levels including adult classes. Currently she devotes full time to her art, but continues to do art programs for local schools. Shows: Nov. 2010- Crossroads Carnegie Art Center: Terri Axness -A Retrospective April 2009-Crossroads Carnegie Art Center: Spring Show -Ceramic Chichen "Earl" January 2006- Oregon Trail Magazine featured artist January-February cover artist- PEO Record April 1998- Cover artist: Ruralite