05/01/2020 Updates- Classes

We thank GiveCloud for adding a COVID- 19 Update space on the website.  This will be where you can go to check the most updated information. 

Be clear- we know nothing on when we will open.  We are waiting like everyone for the authority from City or County.  

We ask for Grace--- as we only want to do what is right.

Classses on the website:

Cherie has simply hidden any May Classes.  We absolutely do NOT want to build hope when we know nothing.  If we can get open it is simple to bring them live. 

Cherie is in the process of adding our June, July and August classes to the website.  The full class schedule will be out in the Baker City Herald on May 16th and in the NE Oreogn Buyers Bonus on May 19th.  So be looking for them.  You can enroll for classes as Cherie adds them to the website. 

But understand, Classes may still need to be cancelled depending on what we are advised to do.  Refunds will be given. 

We will add the classes quickly to other platforms as soon as we are given a green light.  

Thanks for your Patience