05/13/2020 Update

05/13/2020- Update

Good Morning Crossroads Family-

So let’s dive in to what we are doing:

Crossroads Retail (Gallery) will re-open on Friday May 15th from 10 am to 5 pm.  Our ability to remain open depends on you, and everyone, following guidelines.

-Crossroads Board of Directors has established our re-opening policies. Based on the rules set forth in the Baker County Re-opening plan, Oregon Health Authority Guidelines for opening retail, CDC and the advice of our Insurance Agent, Crossroads requires all staff and guests to wear face-coverings and maintain social distancing. 

-We will have a contact tracing log in at each door that you must sign.  This information will only be shared with the Baker County Health Department if there is case of someone who tests positive for COVID-19 who has come in contact with Crossroads.  In fact, we will file these pages away each day, and they will be shredded at some point. 

- Good Health practices, social distancing, all must be followed.

-We will limit the gallery space to 10 people.  We are reconfiguring it to give you the guest the ability to see the number of people in the space so you can make a choice about for your own comfort.  We will set up seating in the ballet studio so you may sit and wait until another guest leaves. If we have more than 10 people in the gallery we may ask you to wait outside or in your car for your comfort. 

-Things will change so our signage will change—We will place a date in the corner of all signs outside of the building so you know if this is something new.  The rules and guidelines will change frequently.  So it is critical to read the signage before you enter the building. 

- Hours we will be open Monday thru Friday 10 am to 5 pm till the end of May.   Staff will have Memorial Day off.  The Board will then decide on being open on Saturdays in June.  So many variables go in to these decisions.  Our Saturday ADULT classes will happen as the teachers will have keys to open the building.

Tough Love Moment: 

These are the rules the board of directors have made with thoughtful and deep consideration considering our liability and the safety of staff and guests. 

If you don’t want to wear a face covering- we look forward to seeing you when they have a vaccine. Please check out our Facebook page, as we will continue to place content there for those who cannot or choose not to come into the art center.

Don’t have a face covering? We will have bandanas at the door for you to take, put on, and then take home.  It’s yours to keep!


Want to discuss this with me?  You can sure send me an email at info@crossroads-arts.org, and this will be shared with the Board of Directors.  At no time will we allow staff to be verbally abused, disrespected, or placed in danger.  Every business must make decisions based on their space, staff, guests and insurance carrier’s recommendations.  We will continue to update you as thing change, because we all hope that they can get a vaccine as soon as possible, because not one single person at Crossroads enjoys wearing face coverings.  

On Monday May 18th we will be able to start ADULT Classes again.  YEH!  Facecovering and social distance will be part of the package!  We are so excited to start seeing you all again.   

Ways you can help:  Pay for classes online.  You can pay with check or credit card at the desk.  We prefer to limit cash transactions, as we have not been able to replace gloves which staff needs to use to handle cash.  You can have exact change in an envelope to hand to staff. 

Kids Classes—We will hear from the Governor and the Oregon Health Authority this week on youth programs.  We will update everyone as soon as we have the framework and how we may proceed. 

Other Updates:

Staff is in the building busily getting ready for you on May 15th.  Our Featured Show with Kendrick Moholt is only available online and we will be filling the gallery with local and regional artwork.

We are  having to adjust our work spaces to keep social distancing in place.   The days of you walking into the kitchen or our office is over with, until there is a vaccine.

Stan will do his best at the keeping everything cleaned.  We are struggling to get cleaning supplies like everyone else. 

I continue to be active in helping to develop state wide rules to re-open Arts and Culture.  It is a big challenge as the sector is so diverse.

We are facilitating training with Trauma Informed Oregon for all the community non-profits who are likely to have youth programming this summer.  We expect to see more kids struggling with emotional, social and behavioral issues then we every have had in our programs.  Getting training will be critical.

 Cherie will be emailing teachers directly on the rules of the road to start up classes.

Pottery Studio is moving forward and we are developing rules to open the pottery studio.  If you have not received emails from me in the last week, please email me at ginger@crossroads-arts.org and I will add you to the pottery studio email list. 

We are excited to be working towards getting operational!  We thank all of the remarkably generous donations for #givingtuesdayNow for the Hand to Heart Scholarship Fund.  

We so appreciate all of you!