June 10th COVID Updates at Crossroads

June 10, 2020

To:  Crossroads Membership and Community

The Crossroads Board of Directors met on June 10th to discuss emerging challenges since reopening on May 15th.

Crossroads adopted clear policies and a requirement that face coverings must be worn and social distancing maintained in our facility at all times to prevent the spread of COVID-19.   Requirements are based on CDC guidelines, the advice of our medical consultant, insurance agent, legal counsel, and a careful risk assessment.  Guidelines are clearly posted on all doors, Crossroads’ website and social media.  Printed copies are available at every door for visitors to read before entry.  

It’s simple: if you want to enter Crossroads, you must wear a face covering and maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet between persons.  At times these clear guidelines have not been followed by visitors.  We cannot remain open, if our visitors do not follow safety protocols.

Staff is working diligently to reopen our community’s favorite events and classes.  Unfortunately, staff have been subjected to persistent arguments and confrontations. Let’s all be kind to one another during this challenging time.  We respect folks have differing opinions.  Yet we must follow our policies to remain open!

The Board must protect staff, guests and young people who are returning to classes.  We must protect the organization from significant health, safety and financial risks, so that Crossroads can survive this global pandemic.  Even unintentional exposure to the virus and resulting illness or death of a student, visitor or staff would be a terrible personal loss.  And it could result in closure of Crossroads.

“Current OHA (Oregon Health Authority) Museum guidelines state: if a museum cannot maintain social distancing at all times, they should not open.  Please follow our safety policies, so Crossroads can stay open,” said Mary Tomlinson, Crossroads Board Vice Chair. “We can do this together with your support.”

Effective immediately the following procedures will be followed:

 Education Programs

 Face coverings or a face shield covering the nose and mouth will be properly worn by all teachers and all adult students at all times. Per current guidelines youth students are not required to wear face coverings, though face coverings are strongly recommended.

Per the Oregon Health Authority, we offer reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.  Accommodations will be posted on our website under the COVID-19 Updates.  Students can contact the Executive Director to arrange for these reasonable accommodations.

Social distancing of at least six (6) feet must be maintained by all students, including moving around the building and engaging with instructors, fellow students, staff, and visitors.


All students including adults will have a COVID-19 screening when entering for classes beginning Monday June 15th.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure sufficient time for screening. Teachers will be trained to perform screenings in the coming weeks.  Parents dropping off students must wear face coverings, if they enter the building.


July’s First Friday will take place during Baker County’s Phase Two reopening, which allows Crossroads to have no more than 50 people in the building.  All visitors must wear face coverings. If you do not bring a face covering, we will provide you a bandana at no charge.  Crossroads will continue to host First Friday from 10 am to 8 pm.  After 5:00 p.m. entry to the building is restricted the 2nd Street door.  Special Hours are posted at Crossroads to access the show throughout the month.  Outdoor activities will continue. 

We provide directional prompts to visitors to reduce exposure to the virus. Please take a minute to note down your name and phone number for contact tracing before you enter the gallery.

Crossroads will add counter shields to the front counter to provide additional protection to staff and visitors.

Accommodations for guests with disabilities who cannot wear face coverings will be posted at Crossroads and our website. 

Building Entry Changes:   

As part of safety procedures, Crossroads will limit access to the building by locking the door under the staircase and the back door. Guests may enter either from the grand staircase on Auburn or the 2nd Street ADA (American with Disabilities) Door.

 “Crossroads recognizes that we are living in unprecedented times and that all citizens are being asked to make sacrifices for the health and safety of our fellow citizens.  I apologize if I was not sufficiently clear with students and teachers about the rules on face-coverings. I apologize to the staff for those guests who have chosen to behave badly” Ginger Savage Executive Director Crossroads Carnegie Art Center


“"The Board of Directors of Crossroads have held long discussions on this matter.  Above all we must do our utmost to protect the safety of our employees, members and guests while in the Building and protect the Center from financial risk.  We have heard from our medical and legal advisors as well as our insurance providers.  It is clear to us we must abide by CDC and Oregon Health Authority guidance to ensure all are as safe as possible and to manage risks to the organization.  We did not take these decisions lightly.  We ask all our members and guests to help us get through this situation.” Brian Watt, Board Chair

“For most of us, COVID 19 has been the most disruptive healthcare event in our lifetime.  Viruses have and will continue to be a significant healthcare challenge.  At this time limited research is available to substantiate many of the protocols that are being put into place.  However as I write this the research is being done and we will have more definite information in future.  With this being said, the guidance recommended is to wear face coverings, social distance at 6 feet, avoid touching your face, cover cough and sneezing and wash hands frequently with soap and water. ” LuAnn Cook, Nurse Practitioner and Board Member

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Board of Directors at board@crossroads-arts.org.


Thank you,


Brian Watt Board Chair

LuAnn Cook, NP                 

Megan McGuinness

Mary Burns Tomlinson Vice Chair

Terry Drever-Gee

Kathleen Chaves, Secretary

Sharon Bannister

Terri Bell, Treasurer

John Rademacher