March 2021 A Cacophony of Color
March 5, 2021- March 27, 2021

            Like many others, Laurel Macdonald always looks forward to the arrival of spring. The rebirth of color after a long and dreary gray winter acts as a balm for her eyes and her spirit. She anticipates to be inspired outside with the variety of shapes, colors, and textures that nature offers, especially during the global pandemic.

            Growing up on a dairy farm with six sisters in the Boise Valley, her inspiration is directly tied to the land, plants, and activities. Sustaining the connection with the land and each other, Macdonald has plenty of material to inspire her. The tangled relationship with her sisters, the diverse landscapes of Idaho and those fishing, biking, and kayaking amongst the scene. Years of drawing flowers Macdonald also grows her inspiration in her own garden.

            Linocuts are easily replicated with the traditional process of cutting away the negative space, inking the raised area to be printed onto paper as many times as desired. Adding more effort to this time-consuming process, Macdonald will at times go over the image with watercolor and gouache. Macdonald finds satisfaction through the physical exercise of the carving process for creating her images.

              Join Crossroads March 5th to see the creative linocuts, oil paintings, and silk-screens of Laurel Macdonald. First Friday will be open from 10am-8pm with access to the building on 2nd Street after 5pm. We ask patrons to sign in with contact tracing and to sign up for our gift certificate drawing to Peterson's Chocolates for $25. Crossroads would like to send a huge thank you out to Ace Nursery, for sponsoring this months' featured artist and supporting Crossroads Carnegie Art Center.


Click here to see the work of Laurel Macdonald