May 2020 An Untamed World
May 1, 2020-May 30, 2020

Kendrick Moholt

                 Crossroads Carnegie Art Center welcomes landscape and wildlife photographer Kendrick Moholt to our gallery. Moholt received a BS in zoology form Oregon State University and a MS in avian behavior from Idaho State University. Join us May 1st through May 30th to see these modern and timeless images of Wallowa County resident, Kendrick Moholt. 

                  Kendrick Moholt has spent the last three decades exploring all seven continents to capture the images of our world, both of the familiar territory and the unknown wild. With his background as a field biologist Moholt has documented his adventures with the accessibility of photography and imagery. He captures the characteristics and emotive qualities of wildlife combined with landscape photography his compositions expresses that of which can only be found on earth.

                "From a rustic home in the wilds of North East Oregon to the most remote locations on earth I am constantly amazed and challenged by the endless forms and variations that occur in the natural world. A person could spend a lifetime exploring and interpreting such things. I intend to do so." -Kendrick Moholt

                This video is a collection of Kendrick Moholt's explorations from every continent except for Europe. There are 98 photographs in a sepia tone that when framed and matted measure 18"x18." These framed archival print photos are for purchase at $390 plus shipping and handling or if in Baker, Union, or Wallowa Counties delivery is available.

                If you see an image you would like to purchase please contact

1.Pause the video on the image you would like to purchase.

2.Send the time of the video or a screenshot to along with your name, address, and phone number.

3.A confirmation email will be sent to you, along with a thumbnail of requested image to confirm the correct artwork.

4.Await a telephone call from Crossroads Carnegie Art Center to process your payment including shipping and handling*

5.Tracking information will be sent to you via email.

6.Obsessively track your package and wave to your postal carrier upon delivery!

7.*For Baker, Union, and Wallowa Counties; delivery is available.

An Untamed World