Feb 2021 Beautiful-Earth, Sky, Heavens
February 5, 2021- February 27, 2021


Beautiful-Earth, Sky, Heavens

            Join Crossroads February 5th for "Beautiful- Earth, Sky, Heavens," with the artistic talents of Tom Clement, Debbie Lind, and Teresa Stearns Uriarte. Together these artists remind us of the beauty that surrounds us.

            First Friday will be open from 10am-8pm with access to the building on 2nd Street after 5pm. We ask patrons to sign in with contact tracing and to sign up for our gift certificate drawing to Latitude 45 for $25. Crossroads would like to send a huge thank you out to Kristin Colton CPA Accountancy PC, for sponsoring these Featured Artists and Crossroads Carnegie Art Center.

            For the past 30 years, Tom Clement has combined wood, stone, and metal in various sculptures creating organic shapes that at times forms landscapes. These artistic expressions exhibit the unusual, beautiful, and valuable elements. Each medium must  be complemented rather than compromised in the finished work. "If every part is a work of art, the work completed will be a work apart," Tom Clement.

Click here to see the work of Tom Clement

            Debbie Lind- Limitless in her style and subjects, Debbie Lind uses her camera as a guiding compass to her next exciting photograph. Using color, shape, and design to plan her pallet and construct a final composition. Her experimentation of fractal photography she has expressed a style of creativity to connect images of the natural world and push further shapes of unique visions.

Click here to see the work of Debbie Lind

            Teresa Stearns Uriarte- "I follow the light, whether it is first light, before the sun rises or after it has set to follow the stars in the sky." Before Teresa takes out her camera, she prepares and plans the research and calculation that is involved. How the sun rises and sets on the landscape, the weather changing hour by hour, and tracking the stars as they traverse across our visible horizon. All this before she hikes into canyons, wades through rivers, and scrambles over hillsides to bring that moment closer to the viewer.

Click here to see the work of Teresa Stearns Uriarte

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