Nov 2019 Bold Strokes
November 1, 2019- November 30, 2019

This First Friday enter the bold and realistic yet impressionist landscapes of Halfway, Oregon artist Antonia Carriere with "Bold Strokes" at Crossroads Carnegie Art Center on November 1, 2019. Join us from 5:30-8pm and enjoy the musical talents of David Salo and enter for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Delicioso Mexican Restaurant. As well as these majestic landscapes we have the youthful talents of South Baker Intermediate School  in our Morrison Family Student Gallery downstairs.

These pastel drawing reflect the picturesque atmosphere of the beautiful Eastern Oregon with warm tones and layered colors. Boisterous light emphasizes the undulating hills and rugged mountain scenes. These drawings are rich in color, soothing to the eye and mind, Carriere has managed to capture light and shadow in such a way as to a gentle nature without causing it to lose energy and vitality. Focusing on the vast and versatile panoramas the viewer can enjoy the spectacular views and perspectives of Eastern Oregon from the gallery of Crossroads Carnegie Art Center.

"My basis for compositions is most often about shapes and repeating lines rather than 'scenes.' My impetus to paint comes from an emotional response to landscapes, especially how light dramatizes them. I was struck by the immediacy of working in pastels and how that lent itself to working in a loose, quick way. The colors were so vibrant and exciting to mix directly on the paper, and there was such a satisfying tactility to the process. It surprises me now, that though I had an eye and skill when young, I did not think I had enough creativity to prioritize making art. Now there's never enough time for all I want to paint. Northeast Oregon holds endless inspiration." -Antonia Carriere

Antonia Carriere will also be leading a soft pastel exploration workshop at Crossroads November 2nd and 3rd. This class can be tailored to individual needs and will discuss the variety of pastel approaches. Don't miss this excellent opportunity to try a new medium or to develop your skill. Check our fall class schedule for more details!