May 2021 Earth to Easel
May 7, 2021-May 29, 2021

            The painstaking process of excavating an archaeology project takes weeks of observation and careful extraction of important prehistoric artifacts. Nancy Pobanz spent an opportunity as an artist in residence working in collaboration with archaeologist Patrick O'Grady and the UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History; specifically at the Rimrock Draw Rockshelter, a dig in SE Oregon that is changing the way history looks at the  Paleo-Indian emergence in North America.

            Using her own pigments gathered all across SE Oregon she is able to transform the earth to her easel. These organic colors bring to life her blind contour drawings.  Paired alongside the painstaking process of excavation, Pobanz will also present a small body of work in relation to the pandemic and the Holiday Farm forest fire that took place near her home.

            Join Crossroads May 7th to meet Nancy Pobanz and see the creative contour drawings of her research. First Friday will be open from 10am-8pm with access to the building on 2nd Street after 5pm. We ask patrons to sign in with contact tracing and to sign up for our gift certificate drawing to Delicioso Mexican Restaurant for $25. Crossroads would like to send a huge thank you out to Scrivner Painting, for sponsoring this months' featured artist and supporting Crossroads Carnegie Art Center.

To see a virtual version of the show please click here.