Nancy Coffelt and Jessica Faulk
November 6th, 2020-November 28th, 2020

Nancy Coffelt adapts a technique of using a grid pattern in her paintings that break up the light in the negative space of her paintings as well as a metaphor of "putting the pieces back together." Her main subject matter is primarily of animal imagery with incorporating portraits. As well as a children's author, Coffelt's imagination and creative story telling brings a whimsical narrative to her images.

Bugs, birds, and berries; Jessica Faulk has been drawn to the tactile nature of clay. Originally interested in sculptural work, Faulk has been drawn to understanding ceramics in deeper and more technical way. With the majority of her time devoted to carving and decorating her work by improving and focusing on the chemistry and formulation involved with the medium. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind, with beauty and function Faulk intends to bring enrichment to people's daily lives.