Picturing Paradise
July 2, 2021- July 31, 2021

Picturing Paradise:

Cuadros by the Peruvian Women of Pamplona Alta


Cuadros are embroidered and appliquéd fabric pictures created by women of Compacto Humano and Manos Ancashinas, two art cooperatives located in Pamplona Alta, a shantytown situated on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. This project, which in part, evolved into an exhibition, features the work of these women, placing emphasis on them as artists and the way their art reflects creativity, resilience, and hope despite the harsh conditions of their lives.


The exhibition is the result of three separate research trips that included three different commissioned art projects, consisting of approximately 30 pieces. Hopes and Dreams (January 2006) depict each woman’s personal aspirations for herself, for her family or for the world. Inspirations and Motivations (January 2007) illustrate narratives about each woman’s life and the individuals and the communities that sustain her. ¿Quien soy yo?/Who am I?, (July 2008), brings to light each woman as an individual and at the same time, the interconnectedness of her life in relationship to others. Through the cuadros, the women’s stories are visually expressed, highlighting memories of their past lives and the realities of their present experiences. The exhibition attempts to raise awareness of the beauty and the creativity that persists, despite the challenges that exist for these women. Moreover, it is a means to direct attention to their “voices” and insights, illuminating their message of hope and vision of a world they desire to shape.