February 2020 Regional Paintings
February 7, 2020- February 29, 2020

Sandra Ford

Originally from Southern California, local Baker City artist Sandra Ford will be presenting her outstanding architectural oil paintings. These realistic narratives capture the small town America. The lack of inhabitants give them a sense of eerie lonesome, the only life comes from the light captured by Ford's paintbrush. Her straightforward composition challenges the viewer to take in the unknown scenery as if to be a stranger in unfamiliar territory. Yet they strike a sense of déjà vu, you've seen these buildings but only in a dream with a skewed point of view.

Ford is an American story teller of rural towns which brings to mind Edward Hopper's "Nighthawk," the viewer knows the familiar location but are pulled into an intimate story of a stranger in a common cafe. Ford pulls you into familiar territory to tell a stranger's story. Join us February 7th to see the familiar solitude of Sandra Ford at Crossroads.