Towards Home: The Art Of Gary Ernest Smith

May 24, 2024-July 21, 2024

Crossroads is thrilled to welcome artist Gary Ernest Smith during the summer of 2024 as he returns to Baker City to host his final retrospective event: “Towards Home: The Art of Gary Ernest Smith.”
From the soil of rural Northeastern Oregon to the epicenter of art, Gary Ernest Smith’s career has left undeniable brush strokes across Western culture. Raised on a cattle ranch on the quiet, agrarian lands of Eastern Oregon, Gary Ernest Smith’s upbringing was far from the epicenter of art. Hard work, grit, and perseverance were the colors with which his childhood was painted. Life was tough, but so were the Eastern Oregonians that lived it. The reverence and respect he developed for this agrarian lifestyle provided a well-spring of inspiration for the art that would come to be recognized by collectors everywhere.

For Smith, it is evident that the land was not just a means to an end but a living, breathing entity that shaped many facets of his life. Each piece pays homage to the land and its stewards, the romance in ordinary ranch life, and the silent stories whispered by the land. Smith’s artwork transcends traditional Western paintings — it produces a timeless representation of the ever-changing lifestyle experienced by the West. “That's why people buy original art… because the artist actually creates a living thing that has a spirit,” says Smith.

After many fruitful years of harvest, Smith is returning home to his roots to hold his final retrospective event. “Towards Home: The Art of Gary Ernest Smith” will be hosted at Baker City’s Crossroads Carnegie Art Center. Crossroads continues to evolve and grow as one of the finest art centers in Oregon. It regularly features outstanding regional
artists showcasing their art year-round, including Gary E. Smith in his retrospective from May 24th - July 21st, 2024. Experience Smith’s final event this summer at Crossroads Carnegie Art Center and the many other artist showcases featured throughout the year. Learn more about events like this at:

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