Marcia Cook Posters

Marica Lee Cook was a beloved member of the Crossroads Community, Member of the Gallery Committee, Artist, and Volunteer for over a decade. 

She had a remarkable eye, with paintings that spoke of a lush western landscape. 

She left Baker City after her husband Dick passed away to be closer to family.

She passed on July 21, 2021.

Her daughter and artist, Deanna Camp, took some of Marcia’s most beloved paintings and have made 4 limited edition posters celebrating her artistic legacy. 

Per Marcia wishes she wanted contributions made to Crossroads.

The family has sent Crossroads 8 each of the 4 posters, all numbered by Deanna and we are selling them for $25 with proceeds going to Crossroads.

Purchase one by stopping by Crossroads. 

If your favorite is sold out, please order from this site as soon as possible. There will only be a limited number produced.

Deanna will then ship all them to Crossroads to be picked up.

Each poster says:
You are Here!

Remembering the Life & Art of Marcia Lee Cook

A Painter of the American West

The family created a beautiful book of her life, story, art and poetry and the family send Crossroads a copy and it has been placed in the Crossroads Library to be enjoyed. 

The poster and book were created to be shared with family and friends as Marcia passed during the pandemic.  This summer the family will gather to spread Marcia’s ashes and we ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 

What a lovely way to remember a wonderful community member, artist, and friend.