COVID-19 Updates


Classes Reopening the week of March 3rd

Friends- Good news construction on the downstairs studio is wrapping up so we can get Classes started the week of March 3, 2021. We need to stay in those lower Covid County Risk Levels and let’s not go back to Extreme which means a cancellation of classes. I am now reaching out to teachers and confirming their schedules. As I confirm schedules with teachers I will be placing class options on Facebook and on our website. Face coverings, social distancing and the teachers will continue to do a health check and log each student in will continue. Pottery classes will continue to be delayed or simply one on one classes as the studio is so small that social distancing cannot occur. Potters can continue to do independent work just like we have been doing—call to reserve your time! We have posted the Announcement for the Education Coordinator on Facebook, Alignable and the Oregon Employment Division. So if you know someone take a look. Thanks for your patience during both Covid and Construction. We will do a grand opening of the improvements we have made as soon as it is possible!

05/01/2020 Updates- Classes

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